Cover Letter

Good Morning,

I would like to include a brief written statement to accompany my application for the UX Principal (Apps) role.

Prior to the BBC, much of my career has centred around native apps and mobile experience. In particular during my time at Vodafone, where I lead the UX for a new Design System to be integrated into the myVodafone mobile app. I also worked on the design for the iOS / Android apps at DiscoveryPlus – specifically for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

That being said, I’m aware that in my year and a half at the BBC I have not directly worked in the mobile apps space – but I genuinely think it would be a benefit to approach these challenges with a completely unbiased view of any particular app or service.

Reading the role description, the directive “to help support, share your expertise and drive a greater consistency of experience across all our applications in a feasible and sustainable way” really resonated with me, because one of the fundamental principals of WebCore is a greater consistency of experience across BBC websites. Having led the UX of the WebCore Design System team for the last 18 months, I believe I am well-equipped to take on this principal role and to help steer the forthcoming “AppCore” to the same level that has been achieved with WebCore.

My experience in Design Systems, Component Libraries, Front-End Design and Development as well as my extensive knowledge of managing these systems in Figma will be really beneficial – Figma especially will help define a high baseline of UX consistency for this project, and having been a central member of the team rolling out the tool and relevant component libraries to the rest of UX&D will surely prove invaluable in this role.

Sitting in the GEL team has also given me a breadth of experience across the digital product space, and opportunities to work with a range of different teams in both a supportive capacity as well as publishing best practices and offering advice. Being in GEL has also allowed me to work strategically, to take full ownership of challenges faced and to find the best solutions to confidently deliver; be that to the team, UX&D or the Product Group as a whole.